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Advanced Fighting Fitness Program:


The Advanced Fighting Fitness Program is our Platinum standard in training and is designed specifically for those who have already successfully completed our Gold standard Fighting Fitness Program. Only people who have proved themselves tough enough to have completed the Fighting Fitness Program will be given the opportunity to do this special advanced version. This programme consists of training 5 days a week for 1 hour every day, lasting 4 weeks. Each session is designed for maximum results. The times are arranged around your schedule. The training will be harder, faster and more intense than the original Fighting Fitness Program to ensure you get even more results! The Advanced Fighting Fitness Program will be tailor made for each individual, designed specifically for you and your training goals.

We know that you were very happy with the original Fighting Fitness Program (some of you completed it several times and some of you wish to do it again) and we are still offering you the same satisfaction guarantee: Complete the course and if you don’t notice a remarkable difference in your Fitness, Strength, Speed, Flexibility, Confidence, Agility and Happiness (YES, all of these areas), we will refund your money in full - no questions asked! Remember, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got! – The Advanced Fighting Fitness Program is definitely very different and will definitely bring you on to the next level.

Simply let us know if you would like further information about the ADVANCED FIGHTING FITNESS PROGRAM.

**The ADVANCED FIGHTING FITNESS PROGRAM is only available to the successful survivors of The Fighting Fitness Program.

**WARNING**: If you don’t die, you’ll be seriously Fighting Fit at the end of this course!